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MASKS: Effective 11/3/2020, MASKS ARE REQUIRED in all areas of the arena, except the ice surface. 

SPECTATORS: As of 12/7/2020 spectators for games will not be limited, however masks will remain required as well as the social distancing requirement being a personal responsibility of those who attend games.  Seating at the arena for games is available in the lobby area, upstairs, as well as around the glass.  Arena capacity will be monitored to ensure it meets the current State guidelines. We currently do not have a “live” feed available for games.

LOCKER ROOMS/ARRIVAL TIMES: Teams will have access to locker rooms for games without a limit to how early they may arrive to use the locker rooms, however we are asking teams to do what is best for their team as a whole to reduce time spent in the locker rooms together.

The purpose of the following document is to help mitigate a coronavirus outbreak by taking precautions to help slow the spread in the hopes of having a full, safe, and healthy hockey season. 

If you are sick, STAY HOME.  If you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, DO NOT enter the Dakota Spirit Arena building; stay home, and follow the recommendations of local public health.  If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT enter the arena building (refer to the CDC website for the most up-to-date list of symptoms:

Masks are REQUIRED in all areas of the Dakota Spirit Arena, excluding the ice surface.  Patrons entering the Dakota Spirit Arena will do so at their own risk, and the Langdon Area Hockey Boosters will not be held liable for damages or inconveniences related to COVID-19 transmission or contact.

Social distancing within the arena is required and family units should stay together and at least six feet apart from other patrons.

For participants without an assigned locker room for practices it is recommended that the players come ready and dressed to the arena for practice to limit gathering in the lobby and other public spaces of the arena.  Locker room disinfection will be done by Langdon Blades team parents and will occur after every game (both home and visitor locker rooms will be disinfected by the home team parents immediately following a home game), and as necessary during weekly practice sessions.  Disinfection of common areas and high touch surfaces will occur throughout the week by volunteers and cleaning staff, as well as being a responsibility of the home team parents during and after games.

No team water bottles, towels, or any other shared equipment will be used by Langdon Blades members.

Procedure for Positive COVID-19 Test:  Andrea Moser has been identified as the COVID-19 Contact Coordinator (CC) for the Langdon Blades.

  1. If a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19, the CC should be notified by the individual who tested positive, or the individual’s parent, guardian, or other family member.
  2. The CC will notify the coach of the team that has a positive test and will only state that an individual of the team has tested positive.  The activities of the team will be suspended for 24 hours, or more, to allow for contact tracing by public health or a designated agency.
  3. The CC shall not share any medical information of any individual.  The CC may share player, coach, and/or team manager contact information with local public health officials, if requested, to aid in the contact tracing process.
  4. To report a COVID-19 contact within the Dakota Spirit Arena or to a Langdon Blades member please notify Andrea Moser, COVID-19 Contact Coordinator (CC), at 701-370-8740 or [email protected].

*This policy is subject to change at any time by decision of the Langdon Area Hockey Boosters Board, or as required by the State of North Dakota.  Updates to this policy will be posted to the Dakota Spirit Arena website.


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